1. mimosaeyes:

    Today my schoolbag is full of secrets.

    joyfulldreams said: Whaaat kind of secrets…?

    Birthday secrets, Joy. Much merrymaking.


  2. Today my schoolbag is full of secrets.


  3. I feel like a skittish horse trying to buck my responsibilities and at the same time trying to keep carrying them. I shall go brush my teeth until the feeling subsides. This has been a gratuitous update.

  4. waste-cat:

     happy birthday in advance u3u~

    flame in my heart

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  5. littlekiwifrog:

    Something cool I learned about a while ago for sixpenceee since she requested more sciencey things in her tag!

    Frost Flowers

    A product of wind, plants, and the perfect weather conditions, frost flowers are delicate formations of wispy ice that appear on the edges of twigs and blades of grass during winter. It’s extremely rare to see them in person because of how thin they are, and even the light from the rising sun is strong enough to melt them.


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  8. Faith in the amazingness that is fanfiction being rapidly restored since delving into the BatFam archive.



  10. bigbardafree:


    I walked into the kitchen at 5:30am and saw this in the sink… this isn’t my cat


    #the cats just like ”this isnt my sink”

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