1. mimo’s fanfiction masterpost

    Ordered first by fandom, then alphabetically. Updated as of 5 July 2014. Fics elsewhere subsumed under one-shot collections are listed here as individual works. See respective links for full summaries, word counts, warnings etc.


    Quietus [WIP] | Kristanna (Kristoff and Anna). Elsa.

    In the days after Arendelle’s thawing, much happens that we don’t see. Fits within, then goes beyond, the film’s closing sequence.

    Rise of the Guardians

    Embacle Jack Frost. Tooth. Baby Tooth.

    "I know how it is to reach a point where you’d be willing to, oh, I don’t know…" He pauses as if he has to search his mind for an apt example. "Freeze water pipes just to feel a little less invisible?" 

    Ice Cream Toothpaste | Frostbite (Jack Frost and Tooth)

    "What’s that thing you do? Where you sort of blow on a snowflake, or snowball, and it makes people happier."

    Naught | Jack Frost (and sister). Bunnymund. North. Baby Tooth.

    He welcomes every raucous hat-elf disturbance, every reminder that after three hundred years of thinking quiet thoughts to his unheard self, he’s found a family again.


    You’re the Pulse That I’ve Always Needed | (Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy)


    X-Men: Days of Future Past

    Echoes and Orbitals | (Bobby Drake and Kitty Pryde)

    Bobby remembers things he’s never experienced.

    Young Justice [Cartoon]

    Checkmate | Chalant (Robin and Zatanna) | post-Auld Acquaintance

    "I’ll give you half a point for that one," Robin responded playfully.

    "I wasn’t aware we were playing a game."

    "Everything’s a game. Just that if we lose… there are no second chances. No replay button."

    Christmas (Fill In The Blanks) | team snapshot

    Elysium | Spitfire (Wally and Artemis) | post-Auld Acquaintance

    "I just— want to get away from here," she admits. To which he merely nods, twice, and asks, "Where to?" No questioning why; just knowing that by ‘want’ she means ‘need’, and by ‘need’ she of course means, ‘come with me’.

    Find Me | Robin. Kid Flash. | post-Failsafe

    "You just have to pick now to go geeky on me, don’t you?"

    "Yeah. Because we’re still here. Alive."

    Jamais Vu | Robin. | tag to Performance

    Without them, it doesn’t feel right, doesn’t feel the same. And it never should.

    Kindle | Robin. Batman. Alfred. | pre-YJ

    No mother, no father to tease the youngest Grayson into growing up. The task of raising Robin had fallen to Gotham, and the city had whipped him into shape the only way it knew.

    Minutes | Aqualad. Nightwing. | during Alienated

    La’gaan accuses him of highest treason — not inaccurately — and he finds himself speaking in anger again: do you mean the king who hid from me the true identity of my father?

    And he tries not to mean it.

    Now and Then | Jaime. Bart. | post-Before the Dawn

    "Makes my thoughts last a couple milliseconds longer. So maybe it wouldn’t be as obvious that all those thoughts? All those thoughts came down to the same thing.”

    Of Snickerdoodles, Sisters and Secrets | Artemis. Zatanna. | post-Misplaced

    "It’s like he’s not even gone. You know he’s still there, still alive — but he can’t…"

    "Can’t be Dad anymore," they both say together.

    Play Day | Red Arrow. Robin. Wally. | pre-YJ

    "It’s easy enough!" Barry had reassured him. "Just don’t let Wally feed Rob glitter glue and no matter what," he stressed, "no chocolate milk after nine."

    Pulse | Traught (Robin and Artemis)

    Nightwing’s fingers inadvertently discern Artemis’ ribcage where it yields slightly from the force of his fake chest compressions. Thinking, Gentle, gentle. No cracked ribs when she wakes up. No broken bones, no hankering heart.

    Quiescent | pre-Spitfire (Wally and Artemis) | tag to Usual Suspects

    But for some reason he lingered there, almost cupping her face, with a delicateness that stunned her. “You’re bleeding,” he concluded unnecessarily, worry obvious in the tension in his jaw.

    SATs: Sappy, Albeit Tacit Spitfire (Wally and Artemis) | nerdage | XKCD

    Se Manquer | Traught (Robin and Artemis) | alternate scene in Performance

    And he doesn’t trust his voice so he remains silent, with the starry atmosphere abruptly frigid in the back of his throat.

    Sotto Voce | Spitfire (Wally and Artemis) | post-Usual Suspects

    "Just tell me one thing," he said, agonizingly slowly. "Everything I said, on the Bioship. Did that mean… anything, to you?"

    Superglue | Superboy. Superman. | Christmas

    "Here," Superman states formally, holding out a garishly-packaged present so stiffly he might as well have been conferring some prized heirloom; here’s a mystery — you know, another enigma you’ll puzzle over, the same way you do with me.

    Te’sorthene | Spitfire | YJ: Invasion

    It is stormy out, the day Dick appears at their front door with a daring proposition Wally knows she will agree to.

    Valentine’s Day (Fill In The Blanks) | pre-Spitfire (Wally and Artemis) | Post-SATs: Sappy, Albeit Tacit

    Sphere’s confidential files on 14 February.

    with a heart bare as the tundras | Spitfire (Wally and Artemis) | post-Endgame

    That night, she watches the fireworks from Wally’s front porch and longs to return to any of the bare, fateful landscapes in her mind.

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